ATC playground

I get that the playground is for learning but it’s hard to correctly practice ATC if no one listens to you. It seems like more and more the server is becoming the free flight server. I wish I could ghost people that blatantly disregard orders. End rant


If you want people to listen to you, join the IFATC team! Then you can ghost people.


I dont even fly there anymore. The last time i did i had someone in a f-22 that was doin flybys just narrowly missing my plane in flight. Too many people taking off and landing on the grass or taxiways.

I understand that, but that’s not the point it’s about following directions no matter what server your on.


I just posted my rant to a few people as well.

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So I finally found a good thread to post my rant about those damn pilots on playground. Normally it’s pretty manageble to control on PG with a few pilots here and there that are not following instructions. But my last session, for an hour, was terrible. There was ONE plane following my exact orders. Almost all pilots were not following my instructions. My most used ATC button was the Check helppages button. I have never, ever, experienced this many (if not all) pilots that were simply not listening. Why am I even typing this? Well, just to rant. There should be some sort of tutorial list ingame explaining all ATC instructions or something. Which need to be read in order to play online.

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