ATC Playground

I have been using this game for a week or so and I just passed 5000 XP and I have had 100% standing. I wanted to start using ATC playground but I am not grade 2 and I don’t know what requirements I need to meet to reach it does anyone know what I should do?

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Touch and Gos are the key; it is probably your landing count. Do you do long flights with just 1 landing often?

Most of the time yes but I have started to do touch and goes recently I will do more

Does this apply to the advanced and playground?

Why do you guys keep linking the advanced server requirements this is a Grade 2 question which that doesn’t cover

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Ow sorry wrong topic😂👍

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@Jackpic Grade 2 for Playground, Grade 3 for Advanced :-)

It’s fine lol

Have they only released the requirements for grade 3?

Just make much touch and Goes and landings don’t get more then 3 violets but that is easy because there arn’t violets on FF

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@Jackpic I think so, but expect the Grade 2 requirements to be around half/double eg 5000xp, 25 Landings eg.

Thank you I’ll start now

I should have more than 25 but I’ll keep going I’m probably close

I don’t know, if you want go on live now, tell me where you are and I will have a look at your stats :-)

Ok I’ll go on San Francisco parking A1 my call sign is N462WV I’ll be in a Delta 737-9

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It’s A10 sorry and it’s free flight

Yep, I’m looking for u :)

Ok, according to the system you have 22 landings. The system is bad at counting landings, but its the number they go on. Just try some T&Gs :-)

You also may need a bit more flight time as well.