ATC playground team

I’d like to get a team together for a real ATC experience on the playground server sometime we can do Ground,tower,departure,center,and approach where we can all work together and provide a realistic experience and we could help control the chaotic nature of the playground.


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Yea but if you did it at like San Diego, Palm Springs or L.A it would be fun or even in Hawaii which seems to be a popular spot as well.

Sounds like a good idea. Playground can work well if you have controllers doing all the atc stations, and everyone has some idea of what they are supposed to do.

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It’s an old post but if anyone’s interested I’m just setting up a team with @Arby36 and @Rodney_Buckland. I’ve created an account on SLACK to communicate.
Our goal is just the same: provide realistic experience on PG.
Maybe even get people to fly other region than SoCal which indeed is an absolute… Playground

Really nice idea

Please create a new topic if interested.