ATC Playground server, willful ignorance of pilots

When I am looking to set up an orderly flow of traffic into an airport, such as San Diego, I have always, a few pilots that absolutely refused to participate in supporting an orderly traffic flow.

I want to be able to ghost them for one minute, even though that server is not supposed to have any implications for pilots when they fail to follow ATC

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Yes playground is a pain…
I suggest flying on the advanced server, people… Well… Most people respect the rules.


that’s a bit tricky to fly advanced if you are having a go at Approach ATC though. Not everyone wants or has the time to become IFATC.

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That’s very true, the truth is they’re is no simple answer sadly.
Where there’s pilots there’s nimrods. No matter which server.


too true! Flew into TNCM last night on advanced, as was taxiing to the gate someone cut across me in from where they spawned in order to stop me joining the queue to take off! Was expediting my departure from a live runway as there was someone else on final. NB I was going to straight to a gate to complete my flight

It’s sometimes just so bad it leaves me speechless for about 10minutes,
One time, I landed in EGBB, was all good, had a great flight, smooth decent from 37000ft, on short final. When out of all the times, someone spawns in, taxis through the terminals and grass to 33 and takes off as soon as I touched down. And yes… I was landing on the opposite side of the runway. Because it was night mode I didn’t realise till it was too late,

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  • sigh *

well hopefully these new changes in Ghosting will help, at least on the Advanced server, perhaps similar warnings needs to be added to the ATC PG server so at least a trainee pilot would know that if they had carried that out on the advanced server they would have been ghosted and so learn from the experience? (I live in hope)

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Sadly, lots of people on PG treat this awesome app like its a game, rather than a flight simulator. They just think that they can do what ever they want (which on free flight, they can). It’s disappointing, actually, that some people treat this app and the multiplayer service the way they do. If anyone who doesn’t listen to ATC is reading this, PLEASE! I’m begging you 🙏! Follow instructions, unless you actually can’t! (E.g., terrain is in the way) not feeling like going around to the other end of the runway, or making a pattern loop around the airport because you are to high, or there is an airplane on the runway, is NOT a reason to ignore ATC/ say unable! Please! For the good of EVERYONE! Follow instructions!
Thank you to everyone who does follow instructions! You make this app great!


There could be more videos on how pilots should work with ATC.

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This is why
we need to take PG requirments once you earned Grade 2!
New pilots dont know how the IF ATC system works,
this is why everyone can control and ruin the good playground experience.


Linking in the videos to make training required on PG might help, so pikots have to qualify. A pilot corrections tab on atc would allow for atc to help train them.

A chat mode would be the best. Atc does chat with pilots in the real world.

You need to take a look here :

I feel that this is the only legit way for the ATC Playground to be restored to it’s purpose of getting to know how to use ATC, and training yourself to become an official IFATC. This has been requested for a long time now, so I almost feel like this is being ignored. We all know the Playground is in a crisis, so why hasn’t anything been done yet?


I think the same is always someone that they not respect , because sometimes I’m a traffic controller and the airport have planes and them when you ask them to contact departure, ground or even tower the people just don’t answer they do what they like

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Yeah I was flying in PG and someone in a P 51 Mustang flew around 20 ft agl above the airport.

Now this is what I think, Pilots come on the server to learn, just because they drive on the grass does not mean they suck, the playground server is a learning experience for everyone, that’s where you correct your mistakes. Sure some Pilots have 00 Flight experience and 00 xp, but they want to learn, just like you do. So THE PLAYGROUND SERVER IS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE, what would you do if your the 00 Flight time and 00 XP? Would you say the same that you say about others? Or would you say oh!? I’m making a mistake here, I need to correct it now!! And then try to correct it? Look I’m sure Pilots taxing on the grass are trying to correct their mistake. So please cut them some slack!!! Now only if their making a huge mistake should you report them!!

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This problem is readily solveable by enabling atc to create custom messages directions to pilots, with chat.

As to cutting slack, my concern has to do with the experience of the other pilots. If Ive lined someone up for an approach, and some yahoo comes and cuts across their path, then their experience is not good.

Also, lets face reality that someone using this sim is going to go and become a pilot. If there are no consequences, then they might be learnng bad habits.

Im for allowing novice controllers to ghost for three minutes, and in the longer term, and for the restored restrictions on Class B, C, and D airspaces.

Lastly, if a pilot is in touch with another atc,changing their scope color to orange or something, so we know not to guard them, would be good.

As a real IFR pilot in meatspace, i enjoy this product very much as I dont get to fly much anymore


lolno. These are ignorant pilot that don’t follow which runway is available. I hate these kind of people

We need to ghost pilots on pg for the time they are in class b,c,d airspace,mand receive ten ghosts per hour.

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