ATC playground practice

But then what would be the difference between advanced and playground?

Advanced you know you have dedicated controllers

I have an idea… If you’re over a certain xp level, say 50,000, you can ghost people. But u can still control from any xp.

Maybe even higher like 75,000

And It can still be a learning server but something needs to be implemented.

And maybe there could be a “ghosting limit/amount of time” so you can’t ghost the whole server.

I think if at leased two more people have to report them then it would be a pretty safe.

Yea, but there is only one traffic controller per frequency and, I don’t think people are going to report other users for not following ATC instruction

Unless you have center and approach or departure.

Yes true, but you don’t hear other frequencies so how would approach/center know whose following instructions in your jurisdiction. They are also usually sooo busy they’re not going to have time to check.

They won’t it’s when they mess with them or other pilots that they finally get ghosted.

I don’t understand, if it take 2 to ghost than how is approach or centre going to report if they don’t see them?

If they go the approaches airspace and don’t follow instruction and get reported that’s 1 or 2 or 3 needed then if they go to tower and don’t follow instruction that’s the 2/2 or 2/3 needed. And then if they depart and go somewhere else don’t follow instruction that would be 3/3 it wouldn’t be automatic but that would prevent the trolls. Or if another pilot reports them for cutting them off on final or landing on top of them while tower is telling them they aren’t cleared it could be accomplished that way as well.

Oh I see, but if there is an immediate problem that wouldn’t help. But the trolls would learn their lesson. Great idea!!

Thanks man

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David confirmed that is how it works start reporting everyone!!

But ATC can’t report

That’s the problem we have been having

ATC can report it just doesn’t confirm that you did

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I got a pm from him after he closed my other topic