ATC playground practice

I would like to do some serious controlling tonight on the playground with people who know how to fly maybe in San Fran or Denver where it’s not populated at all. I’m tired of trying to control and the either don’t understand commands or just don’t want to listen


It sucks when people just don’t obey your commands. Why are they even on the server if they’re just going to screw around, they should be on the free flight server! But you can’t have ghosting on the playground because than someone will just ghost everyone. So it’s kinda a loop hole.

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It is annoying when people won’t listen and its hard to flow traffic in when people are at strange altitudes and strange speeds for how far they are away from actually landing. My other post referred to the fact that Pilots Can report other users it just takes two other people to report them before they are ghosted. So why can’t this be applied to ATC as well. Or maybe it is idk I want clarification.

Let me know if you wanna fly I’ll be on

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That’s an idea, but I don’t think that other people flying will be looking at the specific altitude and speed of a plane on approach and report them

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It happens if you know about it if some dude come barreling in above you and lands almost right on top of you or lands on you while your ready for take off doesn’t that bug you.

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I’m on in San Fran if anyone wants to come out

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I’ll join. Playground or

Good point, that more than “bugs” me. On the other hand, that can also be the controllers fault. They may have told you to line up and wait, while someone else is on final. And nothing against that controller because she/he is just practicing. If you want to fly with excellent and well qualified controllers you should fly in the advanced. :smile:

I do fly in the advanced server I have never participated in the playground as a pilot. I’m talking about trying to practice controlling there I’ve seen some crazy crazy stuff that shouldn’t be happening with 20 other planes around. It’s suppose to be practice but everyone thinks they know better then everyone else that’s also why I stated they should implement a xp rating to be allowed to ATC on the playground.


Oh ok. Yes an XP rating would be great good idea! Maybe 15,000xp? But test flight 2 1 2 is 20,000xp and still not following unstructions haha

I’ll fly later with you its way later than I thought. And I gotta get up at 6. :/

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Right how hard is it I’m I wrong with commands or something

I was also thinking like 50,000 xp points

No you were definitely correct! Sequencing great! I don’t know how he didn’t understand “#2 traffic to follow is on final” He was just impatient and didn’t want to extend downwind

That’s what I’m talking about so annoying

Then they just leave out of irritation it’s funny in a way

At leased the fighter jet got it right :)

Yea, there must be a way to correct it without having trolls ghost random people