ATC Playground possible solutions

So quite a lot recently we have people not at all happy with the standard of pilots or controllers on the playground server.

Below is quite a few solutions where nothing new needs to be added to IF and can take effect when you next load up IF.

  1. There is more than one region available, everyone who plays IF has once been on playground and seen the nightmare that it is in SOCAL, a quick solution is to open up other regions and advertise it well before hand on the forum and any other platform, actually get people who want to fly and controll properly. A suggestion would be the paid regions as most of the people who treat IF as a game are more than likely not going to pay for other regions.

  2. Fly on the advanced server, as you have probably seen in previous discussions there are rules and new guidelines being set in place to try and clamp down on immature pilots. Hopefully to make it better for Everyone!

  3. If your coming from a controller point of view and want serious pilots you can either follow the first point and advertise it on a different region, or contact one of the IFATC trainers or recruiters and come and join the team, we are always after new controllers and it doesn’t matter whether you can give a couple of hours of your time, or lots of hours of your time. It’s all to make IF a better place.

    The magical button that if 3 people press it makes people disappear, This is the key part where members of the community who take IF seriously all agree that if someone is doing something they shouldn’t, report them.

Everybody on this forum has been there with playground and people still enjoy flying on playground, but please read the server description, your entering a server which is fully described what your entering.

You, the people have just as much control as the, devs, mods and IFACT when it comes to immature pilots.

Let’s move forward as a community and try and make an active difference.

Steven 🙂


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Then you can stick to free flight server 👍🏻

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If you are interested in joining the IFATC team, but not quite good enough yet, you can always contact one of the Scouts on the Scout team. We do everything we can to provide great training to the upcoming IFATCs. ATC Training Team


The only problem with #3, is that I’m 13, I love ATC, and I feel that I am advanced server ATC material. But I can’t join until I’m 14 (which is in less than a month! Yay!)

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And we look forward to seeing you in a month hopefully!


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