ATC Playground, Pilots Not Listening.

Please listen to the ATC even though it’s on playground, if you want to create your own landing sequence and take off on the wrong sides of the runway please go on free flight. So many ATC controllers on ATC playground are training to become an ATC on the advanced server, but we can’t do this without the full support of all you pilots. When an ATC controller says make a left 360 for spacing, make that left 360. Please, Its really frustrating to see people disobey little commands that could make the game much more realistic.

Sorry If this is a duplicate, I just wanted to update everyone on this, I can’t take it anymore…


Sadly if you control on SoCal Playground then people just don’t follow the rules, and they probably never will.


It’s really frustrating, if they don’t want to follow the rules they should go on free flight. Playground rules should be enforced a bit more.

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Agreed with a380fan, on SoCal the people there are much more frustrating. One way i get over this is to ignore them. They will never understand your ATC instructions.

But while playing on paid regions in PG, the people are much more cooperative. You could try that, theres lesser of the people you mentioned even if its on PG.


playground lol