ATC Playground Name Change + Grade Change

Let’s be honest.

The ATC Playground is the most criticized server on Infinite Flight, not only because there’s a bunch of nimrods on it, but for the simple fact that the name of the server promotes nimrod activities. I always see people pointing out that it says “Playground”, as if that is the reason so many people act crazy on there. Well, I’m suggesting a name change, and an access change. If you just changed the name from “ATC Playground” to something more professional like “ATC Practice”, and changed the access grade to Grade 2 instead of Grade 1, I’m positive that the behavior will change on the server, keeping nimrods in the Free Flight Server until they’ve acquired some skills. Please consider this!

My searching is messed up, so I couldn’t find this other topic that was made.

Change ATC Playground to ATC Practice?

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Hello Don, I’m afraid to say that this is a Duplicate Topic.
Thanks !

Not ONLY did I try to search this, and it failed, but ATC Practice is the exact name that I wanted to use. Great!

This search glitch is really making me want to scream…