ATC Playground Load 0%

All of the sudden, ATC Playground shows 0%. I’m not sure what that means. It shows that there are active controllers at airports and approach facilities but when I start and want to taxi, the headset in the bottom left hand corner is greyed out. There are also no other aircraft anywhere which I know can’t be true. Does anyone know what this issue is? Standing is 100% and experience is over 20,000 if that helps.

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playground is down at the momment

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Sadly it is 😭😭😭.

For future reference, look in the top right corner of your screen. If the little wifi symbol is green, then it is online and functioning well. If it is orange, then it is not online. It is currently orange. XP and Hours have nothing to do with this.

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Please be patient. There are tons of post’s going up about this. It is currently down. Until then play solo


You can still fly in advanced and freeserver.

Thanks. Looks like it’s back up anyway.

Yes it is :D 👍🏻