ATC playground issue

Hello everyone, today I was training on pgs with ATC, i had problem with internet. and when I reconnected

not make me do ATC (see picture) you know why?

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Hmmm…make sure you are NOT connected to a VPN, and make sure your wifi is connected…the servers were also down for a short time yesterday that could be another reason.

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I get this from time to time. Usually I exit and go back in. When you don’t see the weather bar at the top it usually means you are not connected to the server.

I get this every time, when I have to restart the IF app (i.e. reconnect) due to an app crash. Exiting and restarting the session (not he app ! ) always solve the situation.

@a_gudimenko @Vinayak_PK , Did you experience the same?

I experience this one night which closed my session also on the playground server

My issue was similar, yeah; except I could always get the METAR section, so there was a connection being made, and restarts didn’t help. It somehow resolved itself though so it wasn’t permanent.

Oh ok. Then I’m not sure how to fix this. Someone else may…

Yes, I also reinstalled the App, started my device… I tried everything.

That happens to me sometimes, either you and someone else were about to control at the same time, or you just didn’t connect yet

No, if sb is also in, it means (Obs.). The reason isn’t my Connection, I have a good connection.

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Well then you probably wouldn’t get the “(…)” underneath it. Normally if someone got to it before you, you would see “(Obs.)”. This bug he’s talking about normally happens to me when I first log on to control. Takes about 10 seconds for it to connect or something and then it clears up for me.

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@Tecnam2TA: C’mon, man. You’ve seen Can tons of times by now. :P

As for the issues, I may have an idea on what it’s all about, but that’s a discussion for another time. It could be quite possible that the servers themselves are suffering several cycles of shutdown or refresh rate. Matt should be able to shed more light on this if the problems are this extensive- we’ve had quite a few controllers having issues today.


Then IDK. I’ve had this before and it took me a few tries of just exiting and re-entering to get it up and running again


@Tyler_Shelton also resetted my ATC privelages and nothing changed😒

This has happened to me before. It happens when you log in to ATC, but somebody beat you to it at the last second. So that means you’re just viewing everything while somebody else is actually controlling. That’s what could’ve happened to you. @Cayler

No, if that happens, it means (Obs.). That’s a bug, I tried a lot of airports on Advanced, they didn’t work all :)

Try contacting Tyler

He has been tagged already

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Just to state the obvious which no one seemed to pick up on originally… He was able to access the server. This is pretty much a 95% indication that he is a IFATC. Seriously let’s use initiative here.

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