ATC PlayGround help

Hi I was just controlling at KNUC on the playground server and something came to my etention. As I just said I was controlling, and someone requested for takeoff. I said line up and wait becuase of traffic on the runway. They confirmed that they would line up and wait but didn’t move. I sent it to them multiple times but they wouldn’t budge. So what I am proposing is that once people get enough XP and standing for playground they should have to go through a short tutorial on ATC. I was once like this not knowing what line up and wait is so I think having an ATC tutorial would work well. I know that there is already a tutorial here on the forums but a lot of people don’t use the forums.
Thanks for reading, Riley


Should I move this to features?

Good idea!

I know I’m asking for too much, but just be patient with them as long as there’s no traffic on final.

Many people think line up and wait means hold short.

That can be confusing for some. Tower used to issue “position and hold” when lining up aircraft on the runway for takeoff. They now issue “line up and wait”.

Line Up and Wait Phraseology Change
Beginning on September 30, 2010, the words “Position and Hold” will no longer be used to instruct a pilot to enter the runway and await takeoff clearance. Under the new “Line Up and Wait” phraseology, the controller will:
State the call-sign.
State the departure runway.
State “Line Up and Wait”.
Differences in phraseology contribute to runway incursions. Analysis by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) revealed that differences between FAA and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) air traffic control phraseology contribute to runway incursion risks. NTSB recommended that the FAA adopt the international standard terminology: “Line Up and Wait” to replace “Position and Hold”.
FAA Safety Analysis. In accordance with its Safety Management System procedures, the FAA Air Traffic Organization conducted a safety analysis of this recommendation. FAA implemented mitigations to ensure a safe transition from the old phraseology to the new.
Exercise caution. Be aware the phrase “Traffic Holding in Position” will continue to be used to advise other aircraft that traffic has been authorized to “Line Up and Wait” on an active runway.
REMEMBER: Never cross a hold line without explicit ATC instructions. You may not enter a runway unless you have been:
Instructed to cross or taxi onto that specific runway
Cleared to take off from that runway, or
Instructed to “Line Up and Wait” on that specific runway