ATC Playground Glitch

I have been playing as ATC on the playground for some time now. There is one thing that needs to be addressed though. When I am finding a place to join, for example tower at LAX, the spot shows up empty. When I click on tower and fly the game loads up and when I get to the airport tower I am an observer. The game doesn’t let me know that someone has already been using LAX tower for some time. It gets a bit frustrating and I thought it could be of use as a topic. Overall I love Infinite Flight and have great respect for the devs!


Ok thanks for the help. I have to be speedy to get the good spots! :)

There is a delay - it’s super frustrating I know - but apparently it just takes a min or two to update and you gotta be lucky!

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Sometimes when I do it i try like 3 times and it still says (Obs.)
But when I go to the aviable frequencies panel it still says the frequency I’ve been trying to get is still aviable even though the same guy is still there.

Yep it is just a delay

This happenes to me ALL the time! Your correct, it’s just a delay.