ATC playground, do something

You guys need to do something about the behavior of other players on ATC playground server. All poeple do is run into and tail me in jets and 747s while im trying to fly realisticly. And im lucky if someone pulls on the runway right when im less then 100 feet from the beginning of the runway. I pay for live but im paying to fly with other people the fly realisticly. You need to have a “return to parking button” as @Maxmustang said. Execept only people that have 50 plus flight hours in live and at least 50,000 xp to use it.


From all the stories Imve read here and what I would want if I had live, this is a good idea. That said, playground exists for the people you’re complaining about. Try advanced for the most realisitc feel


I dont like advanced less players = less atc because the atc would have no one to control. The other way around to less atc= less players= no atc. Becuase there is no atc not a lot of people would play it. Less players+ less atc= less realistic flying in my opinion

Pilots have the power to change that. There are more pilots than controllers.

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You dont need to blur it out. You need to expose these kids that do this

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Honestly, if you tell a troll to return to parking, are they actually going to?

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I had to come back for this one. After 3+ years, 1700+ hours cumulative and 500000+ points I have to say my great expectations for Live & ATC have fallen far short.of the goal I envisioned. There are no arguments left, they have all been voiced and unanseward. Moving up to the Advanced is a myth. I have not experienced a fully functioning ATC structure on that server since it came on line. Plus the arrogance of the few Advanced Controllers who voice the opinions on this form make me want to vomit. These few use “Ghosting” a a punitive measure and are to quick on the trigger. Youth unfortuitly come with a price, a lack of maturity and good judgement. As for the Playground, the “Return to Parking” is only one of many remedies available. An interim solution
must be implemented now! It can"t wait for an update! As for me I no longer fly to “B” airfields on either server. I transition. I’m awaiting the next update which will be the foundation for renewal which will be effected on 15 Sept. In the interim I’m refreshing my “AeroFly2” skill and hope the next change corrects the Flat Hatter problem. I now return to my Forum Stand Down/Observer Status andI wish you all GooDay! Max Sends


Max - I respectfully disagree :) though of course everyone’s perspectives vary. What my take is on the matter - pilots complain there is no one on the advanced server. But the presence is literally in their hands. Whether the controllers are present or not, just fly and explore. People have a tendency to follow, so if they see someone doing flights they are more likely to join, so lead by example.

As for Advanced Controllers - I think many have seen that it’s not the easiest work. The entire mental approach to controlling requires a different mindset. On top of that, you must also have an attitude of wanting to learn and work with others. There are not too many that fit this role, and consequently there is only a limited number across different time zones. It’s unfortunate, but quality must come before quantity - I’m sure frequent playground visitors will agree with this. Controllers are often held to great scrutiny on advanced servers, even despite the fact that aside from their responsibilities they are also volunteering their free time and are also having fun and trying their hardest.

Lastly, I can’t speak for everyone of course, but in my own experience other controllers are generally quite professional. No one is perfect or has a great day every time they log on, but the overall standard is excellent. I don’t know of anyone to ghost just for a power trip - in most cases when the problem was looked at to its core, it was either a genuine mistake or a warranted ghost.

But to summarise, - pilots and controllers could both do well to be nice to each other and help each other do their job, and secondly - if you don’t see other regions getting busy, be at the forefront and do it yourself.

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When I’m in playground people in fighter jets escort me for absolutely no reason, even when I’m doing touch-and-goes.

They will if that request returns them there automatically

Well said. Im probably going to stop buying live id have more fun on solo

Well they have shut down atc testing down for a month and now theres not many atcs people come up with a bullshit excuse such as " atc testing will resume shortly" enough of the waiting do something

There are indeed a lot of things that are far from perfect in Live (I don’t know 1 multiplayer game where ppl do not complain about many things) and we are still in the process of learning from how ppl actually use it.

We do have plans to make it better though. One thing we are strongly reconsidering is adding a simple chat system (separate from ATC channels). While I can already see how it can be abused, it will be easier to give/get feedback from other ATC/pilots and as long as it is easy to ignore, it should be fine.

If you have simple tweaks ideas (emphasis on simple) that would make your experience better, speak up.


@Maxmustang Think again. ;)

I passed my advanced ATC exams, so if you want to fly around sometime, just PM me.

Now that I’ve gotten to know the advanced ATC community, you’re quite wrong in that aspect. Us advanced ATCs give plenty of warnings before we ghost- I give at LEAST three… minimum. The only times that we ghost immediately is if a callsign is offensive, or something urgent happens, such as an aircraft pulling onto traffic on short final without any warning whatsoever (and without permission!).

Many of my superiors enforce the rules well, and it’s no joke. We’re seriously dedicated to making the experience as good as possible. Unfortunately, we’re still working out an efficient system to do this (as Phillipe has said).

The chat system is an excellent idea. I recently recommended that in thread regarding ghosting pilots. There needs to be a way to inform the pilot the reason he is ghosted. I would not recommend letting pilots chat to controllers though. That’s asking for trouble.