ATC Playground Controller

This controller was instructing people to land and takeoff from Runway 09 at KSAN when Runway 27 was perfectly fine. Lol… It’s really starting to become just a playground.

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Oh my goodness he used 09 instead of 27 what are we going to do! We should track him down and teach him a lesson.


I don’t see the problem in that. 09 is also green.

Most definitely. >;)

However, 09 is the runway that can turn Orange or Red at any moment.

Did you not catch the sarcasm in my comment? This is a rediculous post.


What’s the actual issue here?
You don’t always use runways 25RL & 24RL at KLAX either… But the world doesn’t end.

This is definitely not one of the worst things that have happened there.

Oh my God this post if getting too much attention right now… Another reason why you should be able to delete your posts

You posted it for thousands to see, you should expect some sort of attention.

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It’s getting attention because it dosent make sense.
As 3 people have pointed out.

Here comes 4! What’s wrong with using runway 09 sometimes? If it’s open, why not! :D (This isn’t at you, just to add the “fourth” person.)

Starting to become?

I got the point when Brandon said it was a dumb post… Thankyou everybody for pointing that out as well.

Your Welcome ✅