ATC Plane ID Issue

Anyone else experiencing a similar issue right now? While controlling at KLGA, all of the aircraft IDs in the top right screen are coming up as “Unknown” and when I select an aircraft from the list, no commands pop up.

I’m able to select an aircraft on the map and see their info without issue. I’m also able to hear the incoming aircraft talking to me without issue. I attempted to restart the program, with no change.

Do you have a super strong internet connection?


Also, just to add on here, make sure you’re on the most recent version of Infinite Flight. Version 19.1 just released today :)

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I’m currently on mobile data during some down time at work. No wifi available. Perhaps that’s it, but it’s never been an issue before.

Newest version has been downloaded as far as I know. Must be a local issue. Thanks.

I’ve had this issue too recently not really sure why

@rob.mcauley has it been fixed? Was it the data not capable enough like WiFi?

I’m still at work, and unfortunately down time doesn’t last forever. I’ll try it out again in a bit and report back.

What version are you on?

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