ATC / Pilot Voice keeps disappearing

Currently i’ve been experiencing some bugs in my ipad and phone since updating to IOS 17 and since then i’ve been noticing some bugs in the audio. When I try to tune in to the atc and after a few secs or mins of tuning in, the audio of the pilot & the atc suddenly disappears. Everything is fine just the atc and the pilot audio that i’m having issues with.

Hello. This is a known issue. When it happens again do the following:

  • during the session go to settings
  • in online tab, tap on the voices you have selected (pilot voice and ATC voice) and wait to hear the ‘this is a test message’
  • and return to your flight/ATC session.

This is the trick we can fix the loss of voices while waiting for a future fix.

I believe this is a new issue, happens to me (iPadOS17) all the time since 23.2 and the download of the beta. The old method of fixing it did also not work for me. I would guess this is related to the iOS beta so the only options would be to uninstall the beta or wait till we get a fix from apple. Nothing IF can or would need to do for this one, from what I can see.

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