ATC + Pilot sound disappeared

Hi there. I am having issues with regards to ATC and Pilot sound. All communication is soundless, only the text communication is visible. Everything was fine until this morning when I spawned in on the Expert server and realised that I couldn’t hear ATC communications. I have reinstalled the app, restarted my device etc and nothing is working. If anyone has any idea on how to fix this, please let me know. Thanks :)

Attached is an image of what I can see in my live settings.


That very strange I haven’t had this issue. But I will try to help if I can.

Thank you! Yes, it is really strange. It has never happened to me before…


Check if the methods in this thread help you. It seems to be related to your situation.


Hi, so I have followed the steps by going into settings and downloading one of the available voices. This does work, however all communications are now under the same voice, none of the other options have returned.

You’ll need to download all the other voices.

On iOS, Settings → Accessibility → Spoken content → Voices.

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Alright. I have already downloaded a few. Thanks for the help! :)

Yup! Enjoy your flying. :)