ATC / Pilot communication errors that shouldn't happen.

It would be nice for pilots to have some sort of recourse when it comes to ATC. Pilots have the option to report other pilots, shouldn’t there be some way to either report or document ATC interaction?

I filed a flight plan as I always do, reported my intentions to the appropriate facilities as the flight progressed (without fail, I checked my logs). Anyway I then get approach for the London approach centre, state intentions (I was listed and planned to go to EGNX which is just NW of EGLL). Centre and approach facilities acknowledged my intentions and told me to continue as planned. I get told to go to London freq tower as I was transitioning for my approach to EGNX and then the the tower starts vectoring me for London. But I comply, no problem, I just thought I was being vectored due to traffic in the area, and then the tower just keeps vectoring for London, Anyway it wasn’t until I was on final to EGLL that I restated again to the same controller I was going to a different airport, I used the “unable” message and restated my intentions and broke off my approach then I start getting told to look up the use of ATC, blah blah blah. And then restated my intentions and I was still catching flak from the controller.

Anyone else seeing instances of carelessness of controlllers lately?
What can pilots do about ATC’s?


You can always pm the controller if they are on the forum. If you are on the advanced server and can’t find the controller on the forum you can pm an ATC manager with your feedback. :) I personally have not seen any instances of this yet!

To be fair, I’ve only seen two instances since live came out

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I’ve had several times on PG where somebody from a completely different ATC, usually a Center, has spammed me a guard message. Both times I was still on the ground. I agree with you @Cory there should be a way to report somebody in ATC