ATC Phraseology Guide (Controller Commands)

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I don’t mind. I’m thinking we should.

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This is awesome, I always said we needed a tut on this help the new guys! 😁

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I would like to clarify something. If a pilot “requests taxi to parking” can I not simply say “continue taxiing”? The response logically follows the request, no?. AND for that matter “request taxi to runway 24L” - “Continue taxi”. OR must I be repetitive and ignore pragmatics, and virtually repeat the requests taxi to parking and taxi to runway 24L???

Only asking cause Mish pulled me up on it, and until now I assumed I was making the right call.

Continue taxi is for after giving way or an airplane didn’t move forward and blocks other traffics from moving so not to tell someone to taxi to parking.


Always rewarding when Rotate post a Tute! I say again “Do Good Work” to Rotate and those who contributed here. IF is becoming a real school house.
I believe it’s time to organize/catalog the Tutorial Library. Anybody with a Library Science background? Step up and let the Moderator know your willing to assist. Mad Max Sends

New question: Sequencing. When doing pattern work, at what point to you resequence inbounds? Once a new craft enters the pattern? Or Once an old one leaves? And do you then assign ‘each’ aircraft a different pattern number. I ask because it feels kind of strange to be (or have assigned) number three in the pattern but actually be number one on final. Clarification would be extremely helpful.

Merci, Aernout. I will be using that message rather differently, from now on.

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While I’m here. One more question. Pattern circles. What is the ideal distance from the runway for pattern work? I know that smaller planes have tighter turning circles than larger ones. After making left or right traffic is everyone supposed to be in the same pattern and at the same distances? I ask because I had a situation during pattern work where the first two craft left the runway and made right traffic in a wide arc and were sequenced one and two in the pattern, but then the third craft left the runway and made a tighter arc bringing it into the number one position, but the number three sequence. What is the right call? resequencing all craft? Make 360? Extend? It would be nice to have patterning presets and a way (like approach, departure, and center) to manually direct traffic into a patterning sequence by heading, speed, and altitude in cases like this.

Normally 2.5-3NM but depending on the speed as that decides the turn radius. Personally I accelerate turning downwind and decelerate before turning base as this will give me more time to turn final.

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How do I become an ATC controller? I was in the US MArine Corps for 20 years and was aircrew. Been around aviation almost my hoe life.


Thanks Aernout, that helps a lot

I have heard atc say to a pilot “I’ll call your base” what does that mean?

It means you need to continue downwind until the controller instructs you to turn base.

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Thank you My friend

How to send the message[quote]You’re in an active airspace (or on an active airport), be advised that XX Ground/Tower/Approach/Departure/Center is available on XXX.XX[/quote]or[quote]please switch back to XX Ground/Tower/Approach/Departure/Center[/quote] ?

A) Click the grey plane icon in ATC and press 'send on guard message". Ensure he or she definately needs to be with you and do not spam.

B) Send a on guard again, also ‘stay on my frequency’ when they are with you in misc.

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Thank you, but pressing this “send on guard message” (seems to be the only way, ATC can contact a pilot not listening on ATCs frequency) will send the standard on-guard message “You’re in an active airspace (or on an active airport), please contact XX Ground/Tower/Approach/Departure/Center”. I was looking for a possibility to tell the pilot something like “hey, I’m not your official ATC, but I offer you some service, if you want to” (e.g. Approach could offer Center service or a bored Tower-ATC controlling at a “wrong” airport from pilot’s point of view).
It seems, I misunderstood the intention of " be advised that XX Ground/Tower/Approach/Departure/Center is available on" - this message, as I see now, is not to offer ATC services, but more to direct a pilot to an ATC controlled area.

This option doesn’t exist; mainly I think not to confuse people as otherwise people would always tune in on frequencies which are not supposed to handle them and this will block the freq.

As we don’t have Clearance Delivery, is it prudent after “Pushback Approved” to issue “Taxi to Runway xx”? As it allows the pilot (ground crew) the ability to push the tail in the opposite direction of the active/departing runway. If this is the case could we then consolidated these phrases into one action phrase, “Pushback Approved, Taxi to Runway xx, Contact …” But also keeping “Taxi to Runway xx” for aircraft or situations that just need to taxi.

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