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Is ATC allowed to say that the aircraft is too large for this airport even if the aircraft is NOT restricted? I’m confused as to why I am not allowed to land a 747 at Thessaloniki.

Well the runway is long enough, is it on Training or expert?

I’m on Expert server

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PM the controller, they will explain😁

LGTS can take up to MD-11 size at a small number of gates, but is really a narrow-bodied airport.

I would recommend only getting in 77Ws, 747s and A380s for the big airports. Inject a dose of realism and stick to the 737s and A320s elsewhere.


From Wikipedia, it seems the runway is longer than required for a 747, and we can’t always be the most realistic😉

It is not always about runway length. The 747 and other big wide-bodies need more space on taxiways and at gates than many airports have.


Then the airport should restrict the aircraft…

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It should, but that would be a massive amount of work to go to every airport in IF and list all the allowed and restricted aircraft.

The nearby airports have been done

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Well it’s in the ATC schedule, so I’m not sure why LGTS hasn’t been done…

In the end, it is down to the discretion of the controller for whether or not your aircraft is too large - IFATC don’t deny entry for no reason. If you think the controller is mistaken, feel free to send them a PM.



If you saw the gates and the taxiways you would also not let a 747-8 to land. It’s not a big airport you know!

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