ATC performance on training server

This is not the usual complaining about performance access the good thing about the performance I want the controllers on the training server. Last night the party from CYYZ on a flight to BGTL the ground controller and later center controller did a fantastic job and deserves a proper kudos for a great job he did. Yukonair I believe was his on-screen name. You sure do an outstanding job and you should be thanks for the hard work you did last night. My take off and departure went flawlessly ground patrol my navigation on the ground to run away 15 left was perfect thank you for that I was I was initially was like all great ground controller who is it then I get my request in and start taxi and I have the route to the runway on the map thank God I love that to help me so much let me think of it take off and not worry about the ground taxi the whole process on the ground. The departure was smooth and for the first time flying the 757-200 series I was shocked.

I also need to give a shout out to the gentleman flying with this call sign HS-BPB, find a 747-400 series NASA model he flew formation with me from Toronto all the way almost near to North Bay or yyb up close and personal great flying sir kind of had me worried for a second till I saw what you’re up to and I was kind of impressed. I was too busy focused on you to worry about me AirSpeed and actually was going slow above 10,000 I was only doing 250 until about 13,000 ft. So great job all around everybody last night at Toronto that flight went flawlessly landed on time actually early then scheduled the total flight time of 5 hours and 2 minutes exactly as planned. Total gate time this is for this way I was about 25 minutes faster than planned for the gate to gate time.

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That good to point out these hope to see these guy soon in ES and also in IFATC.


Yep, mind you I have only done 1 flight on expert server as I just hit level 3 on Monday night. Crazy thing is I was able to cook dinner, eat and clean the kitchen and got no violations. Mind you the flight was from Oslo to keflavik. Had the volume turned right up to hear any calls from ATC if I got any. Wasn’t feeling the greatest yesterday and had a few things that needed taking care of.
Now just need to return to Shannon Ireland than to Dublin to get back to long haul flights of 14+ hours.
BANJO 206 out!