ATC Pattern Work Question

If you have runways being used as a departure runway and you taxi the aircraft to that runway then they request pattern work what is the correct way to transfer them to a different runway more suitable for pattern work

for example
In controlling at KATL and I am departing on 27R and 26L and arrivals on the other runways and then an aircraft request take off on 27R and I want to have him do pattern work on runway 28 what should I do

Sorry for all the reading I just put you through for a simple thing bare with me I’m just trying to learn :)

I’m pretty sure you just send them a sequence to enter a downwind for the runway but I just want to clarify with the people that probably know better than me


Yes you are right. Give them a pattern entry for the runway you want them to be on, sequence if needed


Give a pattern instruction that’s appropriate for the position of the aircraft for runway 28, sequence them (if necessary), and clear them.


Thanks :) I’m just making sure my skills are tight before I take the ATC Test


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