ATC Pattern and Sequencing Tips

ATC Pattern and Sequencing Tips!

:Always try and clear an aircraft to land on base leg

:Be sure to clear an aircraft for “the option” if they are doing a touch and go

:When clearing an aircraft for a touch and go, try and tell them to make right or left traffic when prompted to. This will keep things organised and simple for you, and keep things easier for the pilot.

:When an aircraft is taking-off tell them to make right/left traffic so they know where they need to be and you know where they will go!

:Traffic patterns typically go to the left

:If you have time, ask aircraft that are too high to "descend to pattern altitude

:Use “Extend downwind”,“make a 360 for spacing”,“I’ll call your base”,& "maintain best foward speed/slowest practical speed to help separate traffic.(If you are then satisfied with separation after requesting a certain speed, then be sure to tell them that their speed is at their discretion again.)

(Extend downwind means the aircraft will delay turning base, and I’ll call your base means you will tell them when you want them to turn base in order to ensure proper spacing. This is done via “Pattern Instructions”)

*All inbound traffic need to always be sequenced! Give them a number so they know where they should be in the “cue” to land.

This means that you know where the aircraft will hopefully go, and the pilot knows where they are meant to be.

*Try and provide extra info when sequencing. E,g “Traffic to follow is on right base”

This means that it is more clear to the pilot where they are meant to be and again just makes it a bit simpler and makes the situation easier to handle for both parties.

@Tyler_Shelton @Axel_Beder @Swang007 @John_Preston21 Feel free to use this for any new recruits you may have!

Thanks Guys!


I like it man but one thing I may add and idk if I’m correct or not you would know better then I but it seems like the extend downwind is very vage. shouldnt we also call their base once given the extend downwind or is there a certain time that you should extend before turning base? That one confuses me.

Nope no need. Pilots, once given the command, should then leave adequate spacing before turning base themselves


I realize that it’s up to the pilot however what is the space that you should give? 1 minute before turning base 5 nm or just when you feel like it’s adequate?

Not sure if there are exact figures tbh. On IF I go for what looks correct but Ask @Aernout sometime for real life information about it

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I just feel like it’s a better experience when base is called rather then Just extend downwind. But that’s me to each their own


If you want to be precise, use the approach guideline for the runway on your screen. It should be red ir white. If its red it indicates that the runway has an ILS installed and if its white it does not have anILS. Other Tha that gauge half way on the marker and then announce turn base!

the question was when to turn base when told to extend downwind.

@Brandon_Sandstrom Hi!

If you’re told to turn base then it will be because there is not proper spacing between you and another aircraft. So therefore, you should turn base when you are satisfied that the spacing between you and the other aircraft is okay.

I’ll call your base is essentialy the same command, except ATC tells you when to turn base, rather than you judging yourself.

Hope this helps! :) ;)

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I was flying the advanced server when the Twr contoller said ‘i’ll call your base’ then cleared me for the option a couple minutes later. Assume that this means ‘i’ll case your base’ is cancelled?

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Hi! :)
They Probably forgot that they said “I’ll call your base” and possibly thought they told you “extend downwind”. This is because it sounds like they expected you to turn base hence the clearance for the option. To avoid confusion I would have reported that you were on downwind just to remind them of your position. It could have just been an early clearance though I suppose…
Thanks ;)

I ended up turning base at my own discretion and wasn’t reprimanded 😝 so assumed that was the correct thing to do. Also in real ATC from memory I believe there are some situations where a subsequent command automatically cancels the previous one without explicit say so. Can’t remember which scenarios this would happen - maybe others can ?

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Hi again!
Yep that’s right and can happen, especially in the real world!
Thanks! :) ;)

Is there a way to number peeps without giving them clearance?

I think it’s under Pattern-Sequance without clear them to land or option.

Yes, it is possible. Under Pattern Instructions -> Sequencing -> Number x -> and the traffic Number x should follow.

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if you don’t know what that is, @bill28066 take some flight training before you go on infinite flight again because THAT is the basics

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If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, you can send me a PM anytime. It’s pretty straight forward not like rocket science :).

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Not everybody playing IF has real life experience or other sim experience, we all have to start somewhere right? :) and the forum is a great way to ask questions and learn.


IRL those pilots hear “proceed to wherever and hold, say fuel remaining.” They get sent to timeout!