ATC - Over Oceans

Is there much ATC happening over the mid atlantic? Or any ocean actually?

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Not that much as they are too far away

have a look at this


Unless there is a island with a airport or a central atc tries to contact you

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Off my head, aircraft going west (Europe -> US) contact Shannon oceanic, where they fly on one of 5 or so parallel routes across the ocean. Shannon keeps the spacing between them, and handles emergencies. They get passed to a US/CA station (not sure which) once they near the coast.

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Not a lot. I have been in cockpit during ocean cruise and they just change the ATC in different waypoints.

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what about eastbound do US stations hand over to shannon?

I believe there is a NA station that does the same as Shannon (Newfoundland comes to mind for some reason). I believe they take half and half.

Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada takes most flights that travel near the north pole. So a flight from London to NY contacts Greenland and then St John’s, NF.


then anchorige takes alot of pasific flights

What about Hawaii? Are there any trans-Pacific flights over it?


Not much…

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