ATC Out of Boundary

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Sometimes on the expert server, I see ATCs controlling at airports that aren’t within the boundary coloured in the ATC schedule map for the day.

I was therefore wondering if the ATC schedule was just a recommendation or if there was anything special happening to justify controllers being out of the zone, or maybe a rule I haven’t known about so far.

Thanks very much for your help!

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IFATC’s typically stay within the boundaries of the “coloured” region with priority given to airports specifically featured as seen on the ATC schedule. Reasons to see them controlling out of these boundaries include (but not limited to) events which are specially authorised to be conducted with IFATC and featured events such as today where any airport on the destination list is permitted to be opened.


Oh ok, thanks for the help! So what’s the destination list? Where can I find it?

Here you go :)

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Oooooooh ok! So the destinations of the planes departing from LEMD, is that it?

Yes, that’s the featured theme for today.

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All right, thanks very much! I honestly didn’t know that.

It’s ok - it can be confusing. Just for the heads up we often do have these types of days where there is a flyout and IFATC spread out around the world opening the flyout’s destinations…

there are sometimes long haul destinations for the hub which are featured out of the boundry.

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