ATC orders

I have a noob question.
When an ATC request you to increase upwind, do you fly past the runway and take time or what procedure do you perform.
Also, when you are on downwind with an approach controller, about half way from turning base, and tower contacts you with an on guard warning. Do you stay on approach frequency or switch to tower.

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You should stay on approach if you haven’t been told to switch. And extend upwind just means fly runway heading for a bit, usually until the end of the cone. This way you don’t interfere with parallel deps/traffic flow


Continue upwind means continue to fly runway heading for a bit before turning or entering the crosswind (perpendicular) leg. Usually given as a means of traffic avoidance.

If you’re with Approach, stay with them until they hand you off.


@William_Armstrong and @Tim_B just gave the only answer, and I agree with them, or watch the ATC tutorials.


It means to continue flying runway heading for a bit. You’ll then be told to turn downwind (parallel to runway) or you turn once the aircraft you’re sequenced behind passes.

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Question answered. Thanks Tim and Will ;)