ATC or Piloting?

I don’t have a live account yet. I want it but probably I won’t get it.
So I play solo alot and I am still not good at landing. I jump on the runway or I hit the runway too hard and my wheel gets into the ground or I just can’t land it perfectly and roll off the runway.
I know what it takes to be an ATC (sort of) by watching @Maxwell291 video
If I get a Live account should I be an ATC or Should I train alot and go on with piloting?
I personally think that I should become an ATC but you can suggest anything!
Please comment if I should be a pilot first and then an ATC, because I didn’t include that option and I don’t want to trouble the moderators 😊

  • Be an ATC
  • Train for piloting

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Hey Ignas, welcome to the forums!
You are free to become an ATC on live, but it makes the job easier to train on being a pilot first. This will give you a better understanding of what is happening on flight deck.
To be familiar with the cockpit routines will help you become a better ATC.


Thanks! Since I know how PG pilots and PG ATC’s mess up or annoy (don’t be offenced) I would rather be an ATC but your advice is good. I will add it to the poll.
It doesn’t let me. Well I will save moderators time.

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I strongly suggest learning how to fly first then fly on the advance server seeing what it’s like to be under the control of the controllers. After that I strongly suggest learning how to control then signing up for the 2 tests.

P.S I will another video for you seeing how it’s like being under the control of a controller.


Thanks for your advice!
Thanks for making that video and thanks in advance for the other one! In that case I will subscribe and comment a few tips later, because I don’t want to use up all of my mobile data, since I am at my Grandma’s place that does not have internet. I have been at the library today, so yeah. Also from your video I could feel/see the perspective of the pilot (sort of).
If you can, please make the same videos but only on PG.
Thanks again @Maxwell291 !


When landing, make sure to be around 150kts, and at the last minute, raise the nose. At 150kts, the force will still bring you onto the runway even at a slight raise in the nose. Raising the nose is called a flare.

Thanks! One more question: How to reduce speed? I put the throttle to 0% but that drops the speed but then I go down and the speed rises up. I know why but I am looking for a correct way and a good way to reduce speed.
And yes, I do use spoilers and flaps in a correct way. I don’t use everything else though.

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Spoilers armed and full flaps. SLOW DOWN BEFORE DESCENDING. You’re not supposed to be descending at 4000 ft/s, you’re supposed to descend at no more than 2000 ft/s. With an A380, 777-300ER, or any of the 747s, you need spoilers flight, full flaps, and gear down.

Trim is unnecessary in IF because of autopilot. No worries about trim.

Okay, Thanks again!

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welcome many tutorials on here helped me learn and now im great a piloting and i fly always on advanced practice makes perfect what i did was in free time but when i had to go somewhere soon so i could do a full flight i just did landing practice

I do both but more flying than ATC.

I have no idea, either one is a valid career for me, just I think ATC has the highest stress and suicide rate of any job, and piloting, I have to keep my head in a barf bag during any takeoff.

ATC Tower.

Thank you for all of your replies! 🙂☺

A good place to train for piloting is

They train pilots to fly, communicate with ATC and tricks to get out of tight situations.

Okay, Thank you!

Will look into that now ☺!

To be honest, ATC is hard to do. Piloting is much easier. :)

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