ATC Options Problem

Hello I’ve had this problem for a while but I see that lax is open

Even when I pick my services

Then when it loads it says observer

You may have loaded in at the same time with another user, or perhaps just after the user loaded in. It will happen quite often, especially with a training server frenzy like KLAX. Sorry about that, happy controlling!


Yes, that’s the reason. I experienced that quite often, especially at EGLL when I wasn’t an ifatc.
The fastest gets it, just like on expert server.

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But that’s that problem it happens even when I reload and I sometimes reload the app and it’s still shows open

It’s a glitch and has been a glitch for a while

Ok thanks hopefully it gets fixed soon

This is more of a connection issue.

  • Connection issue on your end
  • Two people connecting at the same time

Usually a restart will solve the problem.

I’ve never had a connection issue on my end, my WiFi service and router are top notch, I also joined as an observer to people who have been on ground/tower for 20-50 minutes on klax

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