I’m relatively new to the game, but I wanted to know what classified as 1 ATC Operation, and do ground movements count as “Ops”


Also is there any way to see your ops without contacting staff

An operation is when you give a clearance. (Takeoff/land/ ILS Approach, ect). Sadly you can’t see your ops count without contacting an ATC staff member.


Each taxi, takeoff, and landing clearance is one op. ILS/GPS clearances are between 25 and 50 ops each. Only IFATC can see their ops without contacting staff.

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thanks @Nicholas_L

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A taxi clearance is an op :)

What do you mean ILS/GPS clearances

When an approach controller clears you to intercept the LOC and use the glide slope to reach the runway safely.

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When you vector someone to the red/white cone and say cleared ILS/GPS runway xx approach.

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It is also very useful in low visibility situations. Check out Mark’s tutorial on how an ILS approach works.


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