ATC OPS Not Advancing

After an hour at KSAN Center my ops didn’t increase. Not sure why.

Playground ops do not count towards ops total.

I was using Advanced Server. Forgot to mention.

Kim, yes, there’s a bug with the ops for center ,deparature and approach. You get less amount of ops compared to tower and ground.

Ex. I was controlling another day at KLAX with Zach and he was doing tower / ground , I was with app. He got like 150ish and I got just 20 ish

attempt to sign-out of I.F and then try signing back in and see if that helps…

I have noticed mine don’t update until I fully exit the app and reload it. I read the post about the bug with center too. That could be it too.

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Hello everyone, i have a question, I’ve been entering as ATC and i have a lot of experience as an ATC, how can i use the Advanced ATC server?

Thanks everyone and happy flights!

There is an entire thread on the process to qualify for that on this site.

hi bill thks for the info, i just found the post about that after i wrote this one. thks