Atc ops lagging on brand new ip8 but not on 3 year old ipad air 2?

So, is there a reason why ip8 atc ops freezes in 15 mins at most to a point you need to restart the device? My air 2 bought in 2015 seems to handle it just fine
(Not really sure where does this belong since it’s not really issue for me since i only do atc ops few times in a month on ts lol)

It still belongs in support buddy, to confirm you have an iPad 2018 with a lag on ATC ops only?

Alrighty, 2015 ipad air 2=works fine, 2018 iphone 8= lags alot


What iOS version is your device currently running?

11.4 on both, have not updated to 11.4.1 yet, but i doubt it does anything since this ”issue” has been in all the previous ios versions as well

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Roger, do you have any apps running in the background while you are using IF?

I used to have an iphone6S which never lagged, but I had to ensure that I had nothing else running in the background. I also had graphic settings set quite low.

Some questions that need answering are:

  • iOS software version
  • IF Version
  • Background Apps
  • stable internet/WiFi connection?
  • graphic settings, airplane count and anti-aliasing settings?

If, newest as always, no backround apps i always restart my devices before starting if, all on medium usually, neither of my devices lag on high graphics when flying so i sometimes use them for non busier airports, anti-alising off and yup, stable connection on both wifi and cellular

@Starley is our expert here, there’s obviously nothing that sticks out obvious enough for me so I will leave you in his capable bed of knowledge.

Best of luck getting this fixed pal, I’ll keep tabs here just to see the progress and eventual fix!

Best, Mags


Thanks for the effort ;)

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If you have done all of that and it still did not fix the issue, I would suggest reinstalling the app (uninstall IF → reboot your device → install IF).

You could also try updating to iOS 11.4.1 as Apple mentioned some performance optimizations and bug fixes in this version.


Okay i’ll try the ios update, can we continue this over pm and if the ios update + reinstall does not help i’ll contact you? If it’s okay a mod can close

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Yes, of course. Would be glad to help! :)

I would prefer leaving the topic opened so that we can post the solution here in case another person experiences the same issue.

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Yeah try to keep this open. If someone else has a similar issue I can come and reference it if they haven’t done already! Haha

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Damn, makes lurking harder, not really a forum type person👀😂

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This one seems to have done the trick, it’s not a slideshow anymore at least in that 15 minute mark😂 thanks for the help!