ATC Operations?

Hello there!

I just did some ATC-ing at ULLI, and when I ended my session, it showed a new number for Session Operations Total, but 0 for Session Operations during Session, my home page does not yet show updated and neither are my stats on my profile (although this might update.)

Should I be worried about this?


This is a known issue, I believe. Even though it shows 0 operations on the session summary screen it should update in the app. It can take a while sometimes and a lot of the time an app restart or doing a short flight on any server will cause your stats to refresh including your operation count.

Let us know if this works and if you have any other additional questions or concerns.

Take care!


To add onto Declan’s reply, you received 24 operations on our end


Ah, it updated! Many thanks. Just took a 'lil minute.

Found a bug! :)

This can be closed

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No worries mate, have a good one!

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You as well!

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