Atc Operations

I’m looking to start doing atc, i have a few operations from doing ground on the TS. Have you guys got any tips i’m planning on applying for IFATC when i hit the operation requirements

Keep going! Controlling on the Training Server is a great way to gain operations, especially if you control at a busy airport (try to avoid LAX and LHR, they’re way too crazy). Just don’t overwhelm yourself - make sure you’re confident with the traffic level and go go go!

I’d also recommend taking a look at this thread below for requirements…

…and for an idea on what’s expected at your practical test:

Have fun, and all the best!



IFATC is a cool place, to get to it though can be challenging, so here’s a few tips:

  • Don’t give up on it.
    I applied in 2017 and only got into it in 2020, so I’m in a good position to say this.
  • Open ATC tracking thread
    Tracking threads are not only a good way to practice for practical, but to also check some subjects before the practical. Big chunk of the people who come to them are IFATC, so remember to take the feedback into account and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Here’s a tutorial on how to create one.
  • Don’t be afraid to check your progress
    Now that one might have changed since March with the introduction of, but don’t hesitate to take “check your progress” type of tests. They will help you understand areas you need to improve in without the pressure of a real test.
  • Check the tutorials
    Even though the tutorials on youtube are sometimes old, they are still valid and most of the stuff there still stands today. The ATC manual will help you cover the topics not included in the vids, as well as refresh the areas you need to.
    Also, as Adam linked above, the perfect ATC test video shows you everything to expect on your practical. Even though it almost failed me because I forgot a command in it existed only in 20.1 and I was tested on 19.4, I still recommend it.

thanks for stopping by, will check out the links!

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i’ll re read the manual again and begin doing more operations. i’ll start a thread soon too thanks mate

It’s very important to practice a lot so you know all the procedures. Also you need to know that on the training server it’s hard to make some people listen to your instructions. (if you have any doubts, you can PM me, I am IFATC)

i will do i’m going through the manual i’m planning to open my tracking thread by today

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I would open an ATC Tracking Thread when you have experience controlling, when you know how pattern works and all that stuff work.


Why? I’m a bit interesting 🤔

ok cool, i’ll binge watch tutorials now

I suggest you to watch the Perfect ATC Test ( it’s an example of an IFATC Practice Test and until you know what he’s doing exactly at every moment, you aren’t ready.

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i’m watching it right now

Long story with an interesting twist, but basically I was always getting 60-70 on my written until I returned to IFC in 2020 and because of Adam Callow’s m-agic I got 88 on the written (no he didn’t give me the answers, just a jokey) and passed my practical a few days later. Since then his m-agic is more of a curse on me, as every time I control and he comes to my airport stuff goes horribly wrong, but other than that he is still my favorite w-izard here on IFC


If you have anything like that, let me know too :)

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