ATC Operations

I know there are server issues they are trying to fix, but for those doing ATC on the Training Server, I had ±14,000 operations and now im on 0?

Anyone else got this or is it just me?

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Try to restart your app and see if that fixes it. Cam recently pushed a server-side fix regarding this.

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Will give it a try

Still no count

Okay, no worries though, your Ops are safe! The developers are aware of this issue and are trying to fix it ASAP. Try connecting a bit later on.


If you still see bogus statistics, there is a topic with a request for your callsign.

If you aren’t seeing ops, try starting a flight on a server and leave it running for a few mins before ending. It’ll check your stats again

the flights are fine but when I try to act as ATC on the Training Server then it just gives connecting and then when I do get through nothing loads on the ATC page, you can only look around, currently im getting a “Error, Infinite Flight can’t get your latest account statistics. Check your connection and try again” I quit and reload the app but still get the same error

This exact same thing is happening to me I have no operations apparently and when I load into an ATC station nothing loads.

@Cpt_Steph & @airbus7447skyhawk, please try this and see if it works:

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@TheAviationGallery ill try it and get back you

@TheAviationGallery still having No Operations, and cannot control Tower on the Training Sever due to no interface

I see. As I’m not any staff at Infinite Flight, I’d recommend waiting for one of them to respond to you. They’re hard at work trying to fix the issues, so your patience is much appreciated!

It is now not even letting me into the app due to servers. Hopefully it will be sorted soon.

Just be patient and imagine how many fires are being put out by IF staff at the moment.

No I can imagine, look on the one hand they kinda shoulda guessed this would happen but on the other hand, seeing the amazing job they doing I don’t mind the wait.

We tried to mitigate this before launch but some things had a domino effect unfortunately. So sorry about this, working on fixing things asap :)


Right, but all the planning in the world can’t save you from unknown bugs when you go from a handful of testers to the scale of the entire IFC in omglolztotalexcitement mode. These things happen (citation: I make my living from this sort of thing) and sometimes you just got to wait it out while the swans paddle frantically behind the scenes.

Im not saying that you guys didn’t plan for this, I know you guys planned, but I think you underestimated the eagerness of the IFC haha but I know you guys are working on it, I think every 2nd topic is a Help topic, and I congratulate you on trying to fix it. On that note, I still don’t see my ATC operating nor able to act as ATC on the Training Server.

You guys are doing an amazing Job!!

Just be patient, as Cameron and other Staffs already said, they are trying their best to solve these issues ASAP, it is difficult for the amount of issue reports that they are having.

I’m with the same issues and I recommend just do another thing, just keep IF away for a bit, it’s better than stressing out yourself :)