ATC operations

So I was looking at the requirements for IFATC and it says “Minimum of 500 ATC operations” and I only have 117 how can I make that number go up


Keep on controlling!


Every time you hand an airport to another frequency gives you 1 operation. (Think that it, correct me if wrong)

Keep Controlling and getting better and better

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You get 1 operation for every clearance you give. So Takeoff, Landing, and Taxi clearance.


Alright i understand now Thanks everyone! :p

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As you join IFATC (assuming you will), you’ll find out operations don’t have much meaning anymore and rather you can start focusing on providing 4K quality atc service to fellow pilots across the IF realm.


well yeah but on the post about IFATC it says you need a min. of 500 operations

If you can and are confident enough try to control KLAX or EGLL you will quickly earn atc operations

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if im able to get a spot xD (but yeah seems like a good plan)

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An operation as tower :
Clearance to takeoff. To land.
An operation as Ground :
Taxi clearance.
An operation as App/Dep:
Every vector you give and every clearance you give.

In the mean time, I suggest you to take a look at the Public Manual!

Keep on controlling my friend, patience is always a virtue.

Good luck on you quest to become IFATC buddy!

PS: Focus on Tower and Ground control as it is your first rank and what you’ll be tested on. :)


Check the ATC tutorials and manual as above and then when you are ready make yourself a tracking thread.

Looking forward to seeing you do more controlling!


Ok will do :p

Alright :p

Update I did about an hour I think of ATC at EHAM and my number of operations are still the same

Sometimes they take a while to register. If you close your app and give it a bit of time, they should appear when you go back and check.

Alright, thanks :p

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