Atc Operations

I heard that an every time you give a landing, takeoff or approach clearance that it counts as an operation. But today I worked KLAX for 2 hours and only received 18 operations.

There’s not an exact published algorithm. The standard line goes, though, that operations should take a back seat to good service.

Ops are just aggregate numbers. They don’t really mean anything.


I agree, I really enjoy playing as Atc and like to do it right just need to get my ops up to be able to apply to the expert server.

2 hours on TS klax and geting 18ops is awfully low, unless you werent giving any clearances. Try restarting your game for the ops number to update.

Usually it takes a couple of hours for the ops to update.

As @Tim_B said, and we tell everyone in IFATC ops mean nothing, quality is what matters.

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But you need 500 ops to apply…

Then use the time it takes (about two weeks depending on traffic and session length) to practice and make sure you know everything to pass the IFATC tests.

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