ATC Operations

I have been reading on the community for a long while now however Iam just beginning to post now. (That being said if this is in the wrong place please feel free to move it)

I have a question relating to ATC: I have been playing as an ATC on the training server for about a week probably played for around a total of 3 hours. However it says that I have 0 operations and that I am an “observer”. What does this mead?
Thank you!

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Only IFATC members can see there operations. To join, follow this link


Thank you! Do you know about when 500 operations would be?

Typically a month of frequent controlling. Contact me at that time and I’ll check for you. Thanks for taking an interest and we look forward to working with you!


I would like to ask why today on a flight from KLAX to KSAN via KPSP ( t&g)I was told no planes allowed to lan as airport is busy when in fact there were only 2 planes on the ground and only 3 in immediate flight vicinity?

It’s the controller that broadcasted a message, maybe a noob that was filled in stress by operating 3 planes I guess x) but however, everything like that kind of message comes from the controller :)

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