ATC operations w/Zello

Are anyone open for verbal ATC to pilot conversations now?? If anyone wants, I’ll create a server on Zello, and I will be available as ATC :) (I have plenty of experience from VATSIM, pilots should know phraseology)

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Use the free flight server please :)


Mats, I consider Zello as an ATC closed trading loop. After some thought I dropped the idea because it superimposed a communication system outside developer control. I consider bootlegging of the IF Platform Bad Juju and a violation of trust. Just Sayin, your free to innovate. Regards, Max Sends

There are so many zello channels related to IF atc at the moment. Too many 10 year olds flying/controlling. It is a place for players without live subscription to go and get fake atc service.


The free flight server is the place for those shenanigans. :smile:

I can see why the free flight server would fit for Zello, however I don’t really see the problem with doing it on the ATC playground either. You provide verbal ATC to the ones who are on Zello, and ordinary ATC for the remaining pilots. Tried it yesterday and it worked like a charm :) The problem with the free flight server is 1: you can’t be ATC, 2: There are too many “jokers” who troll you, and that creates problems for controllers and pilots who want to have IF as realistic as possible. That’s why I think ATC playground is more suiting :D

So if you’re providing verbal ATC to those on sellout, are you providing in game ATC too? If not that’s going to be a bit odd for other pilots who are listening. It’ll be like there are random gaps in the commands and so on

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Of course :) Pilots not using Zello will recieve game ATC :)

lets try this. Go get on at an airport and let me know which one and zello channel. You do need two different devices.

Sounds good, logging on now! I’ll staff EGSS :) Zello channel is “Live ATC Infinite Flight” if possible, have your username on Zello match your callsign on IF! Otherwise, Please post your callsign below :)

… Oh, and feel free to use procedures which won’t necessarily affect IF in ant way, like QNH, taxiways (if you have charts available) etc!

On my way now

Ok I’m here and where are u?

I’m here :) EGSS GND/TWR, Zello channel: “Verbal ATC Infinite Flight” <- sorry, might have given the wrong channel before…

U got that? :)

10-4. On my wayz

Pretty cool. Enjoyed it

Me too! Hope to do it again sometime!

This topic brings up another question. When will voice communication be added on ATC? :scream:

Gentleman: Let’s let the Developers Develop! This continues bootlegging is counter productive I believe. Plus I suggest these items be move & addressed in the “Meta” category. Just Sayin, Max sends

@Swang007. Suggest this be moved to Meta.

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