ATC operations question

Hi guys :) ,
Maybe you can help me out. Last night, I was controlling EGLL ground for an hour. My operations to start with was at 475. After I ended the session, I thought that would increase, but it didn’t. I thought they would refresh around midnight so I just now checked and it still didn’t increase. I also had used my phone to do ATC and I wonder if that somehow affects it? I’m just really trying to figure this out :). I do have tbe replay file if I somehow need to include it

Thanks for your help in advance guys :)

Try restarting the app. That usually updates ATC ops.


Tried that and it still didn’t load. I’m wondering if reinstalling the app might fix it? :o I’ll also try restarting my phone

I would be curious to see the replay for that session. Please PM me with a link.


Working on it now :) may have to upload it to google drive as it won’t let me directly send it from my phone

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I’m also going to try and see if I can send it from my computer. I got good signal today so I should take advantage of it :)

Save it to your cloud then send the link to the shared file, not the file, itself.

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