ATC operations on mobile phone

Hey IFC, I’ve just a simple question: is it possible to do ATC operations on a device smaller than a tablet? What is your experience? I’m not sure to attempt an ATC test in future if it doesn’t make sense to operate on a smaller device?! Thx in advance

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Yes, you can do ATC on a phone. I’ve done it before. The list of commands is a bit larger when it comes up on the screen than the IPad


I used to Control on a small mobile device and it worked perfectly, it just involves zooming in and out a little more than on a larger device.
However this is fairly user-dependant, some people can´t go without a big screen and others can make do with a phone. If you have a Pro-Subscription I can highly recommend opening an Airport on the Training Server and trying it out for yourself.

Take @Trio as an example, one of the most skilled IFATC Controllers who uses a Phone for his ATC Sessions.


Thx for your answer. That’s what I’m actually doing. Everything works fine, but I’m uncertain to find the commands fast enough… to keep the traffic flowing…

The phone club is much bigger then it once was. We will gladly give you the secret code once you pass the test. ;)


With time you will get a feel for where the commands are located in the menu which will make it a lot easier to send messages quickly.

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I would suggest using tablet. It is more comfortable

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Thx, still a long way to go.

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