ATC Operations number error

Hello Everyone! I don’t know if the server issue is already gone but a problem happened to me

My ATC operations have returned to number 0, I don’t know if this is a known issue or not but I had over 600 operations and they are gone, already relogged a couple times and nothing happened

Sorry for disturbing, thank you for understand.

This may be a problem connected to the servers being down.

Hey, this is a known issue, and it’s being looked into. Don’t worry, your ops aren’t lost. You might want to try restarting your app for now to see if that works.

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Okay, thank you, got pretty nervous about it as I am in recruitment for IFATC lol

Try restarting your app and see if that works. Cam just fixed this issue and it should work now.

Yeah I guess worked but at the time the ops do no show up, is it normal?

Hmm, well, looks like it’s still down for some users. You’d just have to wait it out as the servers are experiencing some high pressure at the moment, thus the issues.

I still can’t act as ATC on training server, it doesn’t load, is this a separate issue?

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Probably because the server is still down for some users

If you aren’t seeing ops, try starting a flight on a server and leave it running for a few mins before ending. It’ll check your stats again

Okay Chris thank you for the help, you can close this now, thank you