ATC Operations not counting

Hello everyone! Recently got a problem that is not that relevant.

My ATC operations are not counting by the end of my sessions. The last update on the ops was a few days ago, 2492 ops, but after that day I’m controlling everyday, everytime possible, in the past 2-3 days I controlled some busy airports on ES, example KATL yesterday. I think that my ops should be at 2800 or something. Already reinstalled the app and the issue was still there.

Thanks for understanding,
Victor :D


I’ve actually been running into this one as well. I haven’t had a backup as bad as you, but yesterday for example, I controlled KSAN in the morning and didn’t get my 300 to 400 or so operations until the end of the night, and I’ve noticed it the days before as well.

Not quite sure what’s going on, but I’m looking forward to a possible answer as much as you are.


My new gained ATC operations are always added after a restart of the app. Maybe this helps

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What I always realize with ops is that it won’t update until I close out the app and open it back up:)

Did you ops counted by the end of the night? I’m not getting it after days :(

nop, already restarted and reinstalled, same issue

Yes, and for others asking, I had restarted my app multiple times, wondering where my operations had gone.


Even LiveFlight is up to date with ops if I click on the airport that I’m controlling. It updates there the same time, but it doesn’t in Infinite Flight :(

Not sure if this will work…

If you open up a session on the IFATC Server (or just a different server from Expert) for a minute and then close and restart your app, does the issue still prevail?

The common fix for flight stats is to do a short flight on a different server - so I’m quite curious if it works for IFATC operations as well. Either way, definitely a Cameron issue to look into further

I do find that it can take a few days for my ops to update. Often what I do is restart my device and app then go on a short flight. Not really sure what happens but after the flight I seem to get my ops. So if you want to try that, go for it!

Tested it and I’m still without my ops, unfortunately.

I’ll try what Sasha said later. Thanks everyone for trying, appreciate it :)

Happened to me too, changing my callsign worked out and ops were counted.

I’m looking into this. In the meantime, changing your callsign or starting a quick flight somewhere online will cause your stats to refresh and ops to update. Sorry about this!


Yep !! This works for me ,as soon as I do a short flight on TS My ATC ops automatically add up .

Yea I have the same issue also

Roger that! I’ll try it after my session but thanks for the attention, Cameron!

worked, this can be closed, Thanks for the help.

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