ATC operations not counting

I was online at San Francisco International for about an hour today. I handled a lot of aircraft, and the traffic never slowed down. When I finished, I had only gained three operations. I am pressing end session when I am done and not just leaving the app. Any advice?

You should probably give the app a few minutes to register all of the operations. Otherwise, you can restart your device.


Okay, I will try that

Not just ending session, but leave the app and then come back with the loading screen.
If you’re an Apple user, double press the home button and rid the IF tab and get in there again.
All operations should count by then

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I tried that, and no luck. This is not the first time it has happened.

Did you clear many aircraft to land/takeoff?

Yes. It was very busy today.

@Claudio I think it’s probably best that he waits for a few minutes outside of the app for all of the operations to count. Otherwise, he can restart his device and it should count by then.

It can take awhile. Sometimes, closing the app entirely in the background works. And other times you have to wait.


I waited for a couple days last time, and it never counted. It is not a pressing issue for me because I am already over 400 operations, but I would like for my work to pay off.

Have you tried restarting your entire device?

No, I will try now. May take a few minutes

As it’s already been mentioned, patience. It takes a while for them to appear on your ops count.

And by ‘‘while’’ i don’t mean 2 minutes.

@TheWalkingFruit He has mentioned he waited for a couple of days for the operations to count and it never came. This is a bit irregular for this to happen but a simple device restart should resolve it.

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I tried a full restart, and still nothing.

I recommend you try to delete and reinstall infinite flight, but be warned that all of your replays will be lost. I recommend you add them to the attached link below before deleting and reinstalling infinite flight if you have any replays you want to save. If the issue is still occurring, then contact through gmail or any email service.

Since my operation count is not vital for me to become an IFATC, I think I will just let it be. Thank you guys for trying.

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You need a minimum of five hundred operations as one of the minimum requirements.

I am already above that amount

Oh alright then.