ATC Operations Not counting

Good day,

About 5 minutes ago, I was operating as ground and tower at EGLL on Training server. At the beginning, I had 342 operations, so I thought I will spend a little while to get them up. So I spent about an hour, and then left once the airport had no incoming planes, and planes were cleared for takeoff. When I leave, my operations count still says 342, but this is normal. So I close the app, and when I do this, they usually change. But this time, it still said 342. And this is the 2nd time this has happened. Help?


Sometimes you just have to wait. Closing the app doesn’t always do the trick. I find that if I leave it for a while and come back later, the operations will appear.

So maybe like an hour or two? Because I really don’t want to lose an hour of operations, I know I got at lease 30 that I would hate to give up like that.

Sometimes more than an hour. One time it took me almost a full day. Just have patience, though, and they’ll appear :)

Okay. Thank you for your help of putting my mind at ease😪

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If you realise that your operations didn’t count after a long period of time and you have replay file as evidence. You can seek help on IFC. But please don’t request it until you are completely sure.

Happy Controlling!

Who would I contact for this?

Me, probably :)

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Handling via PM