ATC Operation Question

Hey I was just wondering what increase your operation count like do you just log in to a sesion or is there a certain time requirement inorder to increase your operation coundt and etc.


Here is what Tyler said counts as a ATC operation


So I can just Issue 1 takeoff and that would be considered a Operation?

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Yes each clearance issued such as takeoff clearance

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So 1 clearance = 1 operation?

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Pretty much, 500 of those (or other alternatives), and it’ll be enough for IFATC.


I am aspiring to be in IFATC and trying to get all the advice I can.

That’s awesome! Best of luck.

Well I will Flag this topic for closure now since I got the answer.

Feel free to check this out as well if you haven’t already and once you meet all the requirements:

Hope to see you apart of the team soon!


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