ATC Operation Number Decrease.

Hi. I was doing some controlling on heathrow on training server for a full hour yesterday and it got quite busy. I’m trying to get to IFATC so I want to get my ops up but after I closed I noticed I had lost operation points! I was at 397 now at 361. If anyone can help please do.

Could you try to restart the app?

Yep I did that first time and just did it again. Same result.

That’s odd indeed. Perhaps it takes time for IF to process the ops? To be honest I’ve never checked this myself. Who knows a spectacular bug is now causing ops to count down instead of up 😊

I’m sure one of our amazing moderators can shed some light on this.

Maybe you were at 297 and were bumped to 361.

No, I know for a fact I was at 397.

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