ATC operation crashed

Just to clearyfy, this is not about BETA, as I deleted the BETA version as I were about to do ATC Training.
I just clicked the refresh button in the ATC status Page when in action, and it crashed


Did you uninstall the Beta and then reinstalled properly from App Store?

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Yes, I did, first,I clicked on end beta, in Test Flight, then deleted and installed Infinite Flight

Could it be that I had little RAM Left?

@schyllberg Do you think it is because some have a beta version, and others do not? I mean that those who do not have beta are affected, and those who have beta are still affected by not all having the same version! and they make collisions between both versions. I don’t know if I’m right!

No, this is a known issue we’ve had in 20.3. Will try and fix it for 21.1
The workaround for now is not to press that button, the ATC board updates automatically :)


This shouldn’t impact too much on multiplayer


It’s fine! I am sorry.

No worries, it’s a good thing to note because in the past, that has been the cause of some issues :)
We’ve minimised that on this occasion

Thank you Cam!

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I did not know that they had minimized it! that’s why I gave my opinion about the problem! Thanks Cameron!.

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