ATC operation count not increasing.


It seems that whenever I control at any airport my Operations won’t increase. It’s stuck at 39. Can anyone help me?

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Have you restarted your app after controlling?

Yup, Its been that way for a long time. I have controlled multiple times. But It hasn’t changed for about 6 months now.

how is your WiFi connection?

Your ATC operations only increase once you begin to control on the expert server.

Operation count should increase on Training Server too. It does normallly take a few hours to update

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He’s mentioned that he hasn’t been able to receive the operations-count update for months.

You can acquire “operations” by being ATC on Training Server, not just Expert.

Make sure you actually end the game before exiting the app. If you just leave the app when you feel like you’re done, it won’t save. (Same goes or flight experience/time/landings. You’re still able to receive those, correct?)

Not every command gives an operation. Mainly the taxi clearance, take off clearance, etc.

This is strange, indeed.
Unless something changed in the last version of IF, you will gain Ops by controlling on Training Server. It’s always been like that. How else should Trainees gain enough ops to prepare for the IFATC tests…

Have you been controlling on Tower and Ground?
I know, not every instruction will count, but surely if you’ve had active controlling sessions for many minutes, you should see your ops count increasing.

Yes, it takes a while to update, but not months…

Out of curiosity, when ATC graduate from Training Server to Expert Server, do your TS ATC ops still count or do you begin again with Zero ops on Expert?

They count and add to expert


I thought landing count, XP, Ops etc increase dynamically in real time. It may take a while to update on the system but it wouldn’t be effected by quitting the game or if you ran out of battery etc? Maybe someone who knows for sure can clarify?

Yup I do all of that, it just doesn’t update. I might spend 30 mins controlling and properly leave, but then it will never do anything. I don’t know how I got to 39 in the first place.

Oh and also, I completely restored my iPad and lost all my flight logs but I didn’t lose my 39 ops.

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