ATC openings recently.

First of all, your opinion does not represent everyone else opinion. It is not fair to say that you speak for the populace of IF. The “more popular and well known airports” have aways been featured and will always be featured.

Secondly, ATC choice doesn’t not mean that ATC will not open. You just have to plan your flights differently and you will still be able to do the overnighter because of the featured “hub” for each day.


The ATC Schedules consistently have the major and popular airports that folks fly to and want to fly to on a regular basis. Small changes in the schedule such as ATC Choice in new regions of the world allow for us all to spread out and explore a little more. Branch out from our habits and try something new. That’s not to say that ATC is stopping you from flying to the airports that you like, but ATC will open in new areas to give folks the opportunity to try new places out.

These ATC choice days have a focus airport that may or may not be a larger field. You can call them a hub for the day if you wish. But EGLL and the other airports alike have been battered multiple times over the months.